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NAMCSC Membership Benefits & Plans


NAMCSC fully believes that “knowledge is power.”  Our nonprofit organization is focused on improving the visibility and viability of minority contractors and is committed to serving the needs of each member.

Joining the National Association of Minority Contractors of Southern California means you will become a member of a national organization with more than 40 years of history. Members of this historic group are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access - Develop strong relationships with our Major Corporate Group (MCG) Members, Government and Public Agency Partners, small businesses and local legislators to increase your exposure to business opportunities.

  • Membership Meeting – held the 2nd Wednesday of each month to meet owners of local construction projects, learn how to do business with the prime contractors and local public agencies, acquire valuable information for business development and growth, and help shape the direction of the organization.

  • Mixers, Networking Events – Our mixers and seminars are designed to give members an opportunity to network directly with our MCG members, local prime contractors, and Public Agency Partners. It is also a chance to form relationships and discuss strategic partnerships with other members.

  • Seminars, Training's & Workshops – Training programs, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one technical assistance is geared towards developing, building and/or expanding the capacity of minority businesses.

  • Two Annual Special Events – The Annual Awards Dinner and the Annual Golf Tournament held once a year, are great opportunities for small business owners to network with corporations that support NAMCSC mission.

  • NAMCSC Committees – Members are strongly encouraged to serve on a NAMCSC Committee to be more involved and proactive with the Organization.

  • Advocacy - NAMCSC regularly reviews and takes positions on various issues related to the concerns of minority contractors and the community.

  • Tools, Tips & Bids – Weekly procurement opportunity bulletins from prime contractors and partner agencies, assistance with certification, pre-qualification, bid process, bonding.

Affiliate Member - $50

  • Available to an individual Laborer or Trades-person

  • Basic individual directory listing

  • One-time feature on the NAMCSC New Members web-page

  • Member discounted rates for NAMCSC functions

Regular Small Business Member - $250

  • Available to a Business with less than $1 Mil in Business

  • Member discounted rates for Chapter functions

  • 30 day feature on the NAMCSC New Members webpage

  • Business referrals for your company

Intermediate Business Member - $500

  • Available to a Business with $1 Mil - $5 Mil in Business

  • Member discounted rates for Chapter functions

  • 30 day feature on the NAMCSC New Members webpage

  • Business referrals for your company

Large Business Member - $1,000

  • Available to a Business with $5 Mil and Above in Business

  • Member discounted rates for Chapter functions

  • 30 day feature on the NAMCSC New Members webpage

  • Business referrals for your company

Associate Member - $500

  • Available to a Non-Contractor Business

  • Member discounted rates for Chapter functions

  • 30 day feature on the NAMCSC New Members webpage

  • Business referrals for your company

  • Ability to submit business opportunities to be posted on the NAMCSC website

Local Major Corporate Partner Member - $2,500

  • Available to Prime Level General Contractors & Owners engaged in the construction of development market and capable of awarding subcontracting work.

  • Access to NAMCSC members across all markets through a centralized database for potential partnerships, joint ventures, and sub-contracting for advancement of a diverse workforce.

  • Opportunity to strategically promote your procurement opportunities to a diverse labor audience.

  • Sponsorship opportunities of NAMCSC Signature Annual Events, Programs, Workshops and Networking Events.

  • Speaking Opportunity at designated NAMCSC events.

  • Recognition as a NAMCSC Major Corporate Group Member at NAMCSC Local Events.

  • Networking opportunities with minority contractors at various events.

  • Exhibition of strong corporate social responsibility.

  • Logo placement on the NAMCSC website with corporate website linkage for the duration of the partnership.

  • Logo placement on NAMCSC marketing and promotional materials.




NAMC, Southern California Chapter recognizes the reciprocal benefits of partnering with private sector corporations in addition to local government agencies. It is for that reason we have formed the Major Corporate Group (MCG) formerly known as the Major Corporate Partners Program (MCP).

Through training, legislative initiatives, and partnerships, NAMC seeks to increase construction capacity and economic inclusion, serving as a key resource for minority and women-owned businesses in the industry

Our growth and ability to continue to provide valuable and successful opportunities and programs would not be possible without the dedication and support of our MCG.  It is our hope that your efforts will have considerable implications on the future growth of minority contractors in Southern California.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



NAMC Southern California offers you the ideal opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the promotion of minority contractors.   Here you will be able to forge healthy, long-lasting partnerships that are in line with your company’s objectives.  By sponsoring NAMCSC, you will be affiliated with NAMCSC activities and recognized as a leader in promoting diversity.  You would not only be investing in the growth of your own company, but in the progression of minority contractors of Southern California.

We feel that any business that wants to stay competitive must constantly seek new markets, new technologies, new products and new alliances.   It makes good strategic sense to form alliances with organizations like NAMCSC.  It is in the best interests of both your company and our members to create these alliances.

Annual Membership Period:  January 1 – December 31






The overall goal is to identify CONTRACT-READY members and match their capacity's with seekers; and if you are not contract-ready, we want to know how we can help you groom for your first major contract.