Simeon Terry: Vice President of Diversity Affairs





SIMEON TERRY, MCA Simeon is the Vice President of Diversity Affairs and has been in the construction and risk management industry for 28 years. His construction career began as a Safety Manager where later on he held positions as Construction Manager, Project Manager, Estimator, Scheduler, Operations Manager and Director of Procurement for several commercial construction firms. Simeon and his department oversees the day to day operations of both internal and external diversity and inclusion initiatives and business development for the $3 billion construction firm.


Construction Liens and Claims Avoidance, “Know How to Play the Game” — Simeon Terry - Learn about Construction Liens and Claims Avoidance by understanding the various tools available and the claims/lien process. You will be able to better manage your risk in the area of “non-payment” for work completed. Sample letters and submission date schedules will be provided.


Evaluating a Commercially Useful Functions — * Simeon Terry

Participants can expect to understand the roles, responsibilities, and requirements for all participants in the Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Review Process. Participants can also expect to learn the basic process and procedures for conducting CUF and compliance reviews pursuant to federal DBE program regulations, including: documents required for DBE Desk Audits, onsite field reviews, normal industry practice, and the necessity of collecting on-going documentation over the life of a contract. Participants will be provided with “real-life’ case studies in DBE CUF Review and will have an opportunity to discuss as a group and with presenters key aspects of the commercially useful function review process. Finally, participants will explore a best practice approach to crafting the CUF Review report and effective communication with the DBE.