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The National Association of Minority Contractors is a national non-profit trade association established in 1969 to serve the advocacy, training and business development needs of the over 5000 minority contractors in America. The Southern California Chapter, established in 1995 to address local issues and opportunities, is one of 18 affiliates across the United States.  Through advocacy and education, NAMCSC promotes the economic and legal interests of minority contracting firms. By reducing and removing barriers to full equality, NAMCSC helps bring about wider procurement and increased business opportunities for members and minority contractors everywhere.



In July 1969 more than 300 minority contractors met in San Francisco to join forces and develop ways to remove themselves from the outer fringes of the construction industry and join the mainstream. Their ideas and vision resulted in the formation of the National Association of Minority Contractors.

They were looking to overcome a major obstacle when it came to not only construction contracts, but anything else that was positive in the way of economics, social, or political gain. That obstacle was the concept of “for whites only."

In its simplest form, it meant that if you were of African, Latin or Asian descent, you had to wait for -- or in many cases were denied -- a chance at major contracting projects, whether public or private.

Railroad porter-turned-electrical engineer Ray Dones was the trailblazer leading the charge toward equal footing for minorities in the construction industry. His vision focused on eliminating the most common excuse for not hiring minority contractors: “not qualified.” Dones insisted on an educational approach to the problem one that would increase the number of qualified minority contractors and their capabilities through training, mentoring and advocacy.

That fateful meeting at the St. Francis Hotel ended with the nascent organization striving to meet three goals: Education of contractors, their workers and the surrounding community; establishment of a voice in Washington, D.C. to advocate the needs of minority contractors; increase in the market share of minority contractors in the construction industry.








To be the premier catalyst for the growth and advocacy of minority construction firms through: business development, valuable training, political influence, and relevant communication while maintaining an inclusive, cross-cultural approach with the highest quality of professional and ethical standards.

NAMCSC fully believes that “knowledge is power.” Information is disseminated through a number of channels including:

  • Educational seminars and courses

  • Procurement information bulletins

  • Legal and legislative briefs and updates

Strategic Objectives

  • Provide education and training to minority contractors in construction.

  • Promote the economic and legal interest of minority contracting firms.

  • Advocate law and government actions, which meet the concerns of minority contractors.

  • Bring about more equitable and wider procurement and business opportunities for minority contractors.

  • Reduce and remove the barriers to full equality, which confront minority contractors.

  • Building bridges between minority contractors and those with which they must work.

  • Create a forum for sharing information, developing and maintaining the highest professional standards and mutual support.

The Future

NAMCSC looks to the future utilizing the same vision that was put in place by its founders in 1969. NAMCSC will continue to further the cause of minority contractors through the use of advocacy, education and training. Utilizing these methods, the barriers that have hindered minority contractor growth will continue to be demolished. Tomorrow’s leaders will continue to show the courage, determination and ingenuity of those of yesterday and today.

Supporting Our Communities

NAMCSC helps its surrounding communities whenever possible and in a number of ways. This continues the legacy and vision of the founders in giving back to the community in the form of education, training and financial assistance.




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